Located on the outskirts of the city, next to the unique national natural park "Meotida", Sandy Shore is a natural gateway to the city.

The coast has a natural wide beach and a resort atmosphere. "Peschanka", as the inhabitants of the city call this beach, has an advantageous location near residential area and is considered the most popular holiday destination in summer. It is distinguished by a quiet atmosphere, remoteness from the city center and a beautiful industrial view of the commercial port.
Railway station to Horna St.
to the Meotida
National Nature Park
Railway station to Azovska Morska Flotyliia St.
in town
Meotida Museum
Dolphin Cafe
Cafe "Rafale"
In 2019, the team of Viktor Zotov, Evgeny Artamonov, Anton Sukhar, Elena Kolomiets, in cooperation with the CANactions school, developed a project for the improvement of the Sandy Shore of the city, the main idea of ​​which is not to harm, preserve, restore Nature. The beach strip, according to the project, remains clear and untouched by any landscaping, however a subtly drawn green strip signifying the difference in relief, turns into a linear Park.

The minimum necessary and sufficient infrastructure is removed from the proximity of the water area, and is placed along the road.

At the very end of the beach, on the border with the national park, there is a proposal to create a Museum of Nature.
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